Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some kind of jug

I sent a work colleague into the soup emporium for my soup today, slightly aprehensively I waited outside, casting an occasional eye into the shop i noticed that there was a jug being used (instead of the tried and trusted ladle of joy ™, after a short interregation i found out that it was some kind of "ran out of soup" situation.

this small diviation from the norm makes no difference to the overall experience of the brown stuff, although having said that, it is slightly on the cold side.
The taste is there, its rich and full of flavour, just what you need on these cold days.

The combination of pork crackling (please see below) and Chilli Beef however, mix about as well as oil and water, you allow one taste to come in, then a few seconds later, the second coms strolling along as if completely unrelated, like an arguing couple.  Though the physcial arrangement of these items makes for good scooping!

Out of 11

  • Taste: 9
  • Texture: 7
  • Bouquet/Aroma: 6
  • Heat - Temp: 5
  • Heat - Chilli: 6
  • Brownness: 7
  • Beef content: 6
Dipping choice for today: "Quality" Pork Crackling by Green Top Snacks.  The inclusion of the word Quality always raises an eyebrow.  To feel that the company must state that these products are Quality suggests that if this statement where not made, then the quality would not be sufficient, or that by buying this particular variety of Pork Crackling, then you're avoiding the non-quality version.  I remain doutful that the word "Quality" has holds any weight in this instance.

Days since "the spillage" and I've still not cleaned my keyboard: 50.  Having just come back from a visit to our local pub for lunch, this situation is unlikely to be resolved this afternoon.

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