Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fit for a Queen

No, I'm not asking "is she's fit for a Queen".  Erm, yeah, sorry about that one.

The soup today would be fit for the Queen.  Infact, after she's done strolling round the Liverpool museum and before going for a bite to eat in New Brighton, she should nip into Spoilies for a nice Chilli Beef soup.  If she called round here first she could borrow my cup, so long as it's washed before it's returned.

I'm fairly sure the conversation would go something like this:
Queen: "Ummmmm, Phillip, this curious brown liquid makes one's tastebuds most pleased.  We really must instruct Demi, our Chef de Partie in the Royal kitchens, to knock us up a batch.   Phillip?  Phillip? Where has that blasted idiot gone now?..."
Phillip: (Outside in Bootle) "Oh hello there old bean, now what in blazes do you do for money around here?  I myself am normally barred from chattng to members of the public, but i saw your tracksuit and thought you may be an athlete.  Are you coming down to our little athletics party next year?"
Scally: "U waaaa?"
Phillip: "Is that where your pockets are in this part of my country? (motioning down towards the scallys groin, where his hands are down the front of his tracksuit)"
Scally: "U WAAAA La?"
Phillip:" U Waaa la, Bing Bang?, I know that one..."

And i thought that yesterdays mass expultion of information had left me feeling rather insparationless today, apparently not.

Out of 11
  • Taste: 8
  • Texture: 7
  • Bouquet/Aroma: 10
  • Heat - Temp: 5
  • Heat - Chilli: 7
  • Brownness: 7
  • Beef content: 8
Dipping choice for today: Simply Sea Salt by Walkers Crinkles. BORING!

Days since "the spillage" and I've still not cleaned my keyboard: 51

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