Monday, 5 December 2011


We all do it, fall out of bed at around the same time, make a miniature cup of coffee to keep me awake whilst I driving down the same road i do every day, to arrive at work and stumble in through the same rotary doors, almost catching my lanyard and access card in the door.  After logging onto my barely functional work PC, I make a pint of coffee, you know, to see my through the morning.
Then it's lunch.
I suppose it's here where I differ from most people.  Instead of sitting and enjoying my lunch, I now have this bizzar ritual of crisp choice, soup transfer into my Thermal mug, photograph the aforementioned items, then write about what i think of todays soup, be it marvellous, or otherwise.

Otherwise unfortunately is the case today.  There are no mitigating circumstances such as distracting tuna pasta, everything is back to normal, but the soup isn't performing to a level that I've come to expect. To further compound my mystery, there are strange gloppy bits in there, which ( I presume) are the result of a poor stiring method.  There are some bad soups out there and I hope this blog is the 1 out of 100 which is below par.

Out of 11

  • Taste: 6
  • Texture: 5
  • Bouquet/Aroma: 5
  • Heat - Temp: 7
  • Heat - Chilli: 4
  • Brownness: 2
  • Beef content: 3
Dipping choice for today: Salt and malt vinigar by McCoy's

Days since "the spillage" and I've still not cleaned my keyboard: 55

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