Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Special Centenary Celebration Edition

Well, here it is and here I am.

Before I start the special centenary celebration edition, I need to ask (myself) three questions, rhetorically, of course:  (Although I welcome some suggestions)
  1. Why didn't anyone stop me before it got this far?
  2. How on earth have I managed to maintain writing everyday about more or less the same thing?
  3. Which poor unsuspecting inanimate object should I target next?
I'd like to thank the outstanding folk at spoilt for choice, without you non of this would have been possible.
(I guesses I would have ended up having to convince members of my team to make me 1 cup of tea each day, for 100 work days, then secretly review it.  Damn! That sounds like a good idea... Ah well, it's too late now, I will think of some other mischievously insane thing to keep my mind occupied.)

Much respect goes out to my work colleagues who gave me nothing but support during this soup marathon, especially Paul Darbyshire, without you I would have given up long, long ago.  Please read for an insight into his brilliant mind.

And to you, the reader, thank you for taking the time to regard my madness, it's made me realise that there may still be some thing's about myself that I didn't already realise.  One of these being a peculiar knack of writing words out in such a fashion that it's easy for the reader to, erm, well read.  My normal vocal spectrum is sketchy at best sometimes, this news was very warmly received and makes me feel like I've just had a Chilli Beef Soup which scored a full 11.

Writing is very relaxing for me and I would have only found out this by trying something strange and different, I implore you to do the same.  If you can't pait, then try drawing.  If fly fishing isn't working for you, buy a float and some line weights and go coarse fishing instead. Adapt what you like into something you are good at, the enjoyment is immense...

I've still got to add the remaining photos to the blog and there is one more special spoon full of madness I am eager to offer to you, but dinner times are short, and writing takes time...  So this blog will cease being updated for a while (although I will still be consuming the soup daily like a hungry monkey)

First impressions...  aaaaarrrghhh, that's so hot! By the hoards of Lucifer how is this liquid so hot? You could forge a level 35 steel broad sword in this soup today.  Once my mouth has stepped down from the red alert burning sensation and my taste buds have come out from hiding, I can once again taste, and it's good.
The amount of beef in today's scoop is unprecedented, I could probably make a small bolognese with this serving of beef.
The wind outside is an unrelenting, invisible force of some impressive power today, and the Chilli Beef is my metaphorical wind breaker.

Out of 11
  • Taste: 10
  • Texture: 8
  • Bouquet/Aroma: 7
  • Heat - Temp: 11
  • Heat - Chilli: 8
  • Brownness: 7
  • Beef content: 7
Dipping choice for today: Salt and Malt vinegar by McCoy's - I was hoping to have some fancy arse crisps for today, but due to the weather outside, I decided that a trip to the crisp shop was out of the question, even for this auspicious occasion.

Days since "the spillage" and I've still not cleaned my keyboard: 57

I leave you with a slightly teary eye, but things must be put on hold if the improvements are to be completed, and the next stage of my plan is to be put in motion.

1 comment:

  1. As I read this slightly melancholic farewell to the much loved and insightful peek into the world of Spoilies Chilli Beef Soup, I can almost hear the Royal British Legion playing the 'Last Post' on their bugles to commemorate a fallen comrade.

    It's always sad when a wonderful and bizarre journey comes to what seems like an unfair and abrupt end, but as the world constantly reminds us...everything has it's time and everything dies in the end.

    We should remember the CBS blog with joy and fondness. My personal favourite memories include; the spillage incident, the purchase of the soup vessel (mug) and of course, the chance to guest blog now and again.

    The largest accolade though, must surely go to the blog's author, who has somehow managed to fill 100 posts with witty, insightful and downright crazy musings...all about a cup of soup that costs £1!!

    I await his next project with baited breath.

    Until then, rest in peace Chilli Beef Soup will be sorely missed.